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Why it is very Beneficial to get a Reflexology Massage

Do you know what reflexology is? Probably a spa could be one place you’ve seen this term. Once you read this article, you will wonder no more as everything will make plenty of sense inclusive of the advantages. Reflexology is a form of treatment for a variety of conditions that involves applying pressure to certain areas of the hands, feet and ears to affect specific reflex areas of the body. Reflexology finds its roots in ancient Egyptian and Chinese practices and has a myriad of benefits. Due to the intense stress and weight we put on our feet daily, it makes sense that the feet would need some massaging. With no further ado let us go straight to the benefits of reflexology.

First on the list are the nerves and their functionality. The nerves that are at the extremes of the body, tend to become insensitive with time, especially as we get older. A single session of reflexology can significantly improve the reactivity of these nerves. There exists plenty of correlations between nerves and muscles. For instance, to keep your nerves in top-notch condition, you must exert them once in a while. This will clear up any stiffness or blockages that may exist along your neural pathways.

You can also boost bodily energy levels using reflexology. Even with us moving around consistently, the sluggish feeling is bound to catch up with us. This could be a sign that energy creation processes are not functioning at peak condition. Reflexology will align the performance of the organs in question to deliver the energy boost. By doing this, you can be confident that your metabolism will improve significantly. Reflexology can also enhance circulation throughout the body. The result of this is that oxygen will get to the organs much quicker and hence the organ’s capabilities will rise to higher levels. The end result here will be faster healing and maimed cell replacement.

You can expect higher levels of relaxation from reflexology. Now we previously made it clear that reflexology opens up neural pathways. Now, these clear pathways will allow for neural activity to flow freely and the end result is a more relaxed state. Reflexology is known to induce calmness in the mind and body thus why it handles sleeping disorders so well. Another key benefit of reflexology is the removal of body toxins. Reflexology is known to boost bladder function and in the process creates a more efficient system for eliminating toxins. This then prevents accumulation of toxins which can trigger other ailments in the body.

Reflexology can also have an impact on our cognitive capacity. Clear neural routes allow the brain to handle larger amounts of data better. The upside of this is improved memory.

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